Aah yes, the good old Cup Winners Cup, entry to which was only given to teams across Europe who'd won their domestic cup competition in the previous season.

Back in the Euro-cup heyday of the 1970's and 80's, when the European Cup, the UEFA Cup and the Cup Winners Cup were all running in tandem, this was the least prestigious of the three competitions, yet it still had its place and a certain value in the footballing calendar. So if you asked the fans, players and staff of Aberdeen back in 1983, Everton in 1985, and even Manchester Utd and Arsenal in 1991 and 1994, if they were glad the Cup Winners Cup existed, then you'd get a resounding "yes". These famous victories were all great nights for the clubs who lifted the trophy - they all go down on the club's roll of honour, and still have a special place in their history.

However, by the end of its lifespan in 1999, the Cup Winners Cup had almost become a thing of ridicule from a continent now seemingly obsessed solely by the new Champions League format that had been introduced in 1992, and the untold riches that a club could apparently unearth if it could grab a place in it.

Maybe it's the rich-clubs-getting-richer scenario that the Champions League seems to have resulted in, along with the subsequent dominance of the same clubs qualifying for it from their domestic leagues, year in, year out, that has made the Goalhanger look back on the Cup Winners Cup with a new level of fondness, and almost found itself wishing it was still around to give some of the lesser teams a one-off opportunity to live the European dream.

UEFA Cup Winners Cup Winners

A list of all of the winners of the UEFA Cup Winners Cup since Fiorentina first lifted the trophy back in the 1960-61 season, as well as a list of the runner-ups and the scoreline.

Season Winner Runner-up Score
1998-99Lazio               RCD Mallorca         2:1
1997-98Chelsea             VfB Stuttgart       1:0
1996-97FC Barcelona        Paris Saint-Germain 1:0
1995-96Paris Saint-Germain Rapid Vienna 1:0
1994-95Real Zaragoza       Arsenal             2:1 aet
1993-94Arsenal             Parma               1:0
1992-93Parma               Royal Antwerp       3:1
1991-92Werder Bremen       AS Monaco           2:0
1990-91Manchester United   FC Barcelona         2:1
1989-90Sampdoria           RSC Anderlecht       2:0 aet
1988-89FC Barcelona        Sampdoria           2:0
1987-88KV Mechelen         Ajax                 1:0
1986-87Ajax                Lokomotive Leipzig 1:0
1985-86Dinamo Kyiv         Atlético Madrid     3:0
1984-85Everton             Rapid Vienna 3:1
1983-84Juventus            FC Porto             2:1
1982-83Aberdeen            Real Madrid         2:1 aet
1981-82FC Barcelona        Standard Liège 2:1
1980-81Dinamo Tbilisi      Carl Zeiss Jena     2:1
1979-80Valencia            Arsenal             0:0 (5:4 pens)
1978-79FC Barcelona        Fortuna Düsseldorf   4:3 aet
1977-78RSC Anderlecht      Austria/WAC         4:0
1976-77Hamburger SV        RSC Anderlecht       2:0
1975-76RSC Anderlecht      West Ham United     4:0
1974-75Dinamo Kyiv         Ferencvaros         3:0
1973-741.FC Magdeburg      AC Milan             2:0
1972-73Milan               Leeds United         1:0
1971-72Rangers             Dinamo Moskva       3:2
1970-71Chelsea             Real Madrid      1:1 (2:1 in replay)
1969-70Manchester City     Górnik Zabrze    2:1
1968-69Slovan Bratislava   FC Barcelona     3:2
1967-68Milan               Hamburger SV     2:0
1966-67Bayern München     Rangers          1:0
1965-66Borussia Dortmund   Liverpool        2:1
1964-65West Ham United     TSV 1860 München 2:0
1963-64Sporting Lisbon MTK Budapest 3:3 (1:0 in replay)
1962-63Tottenham Hotspur   Atlético Madrid  5:1
1961-62Atlético Madrid     Fiorentina       1:1 (3:0 in replay)
1960-61Fiorentina         Rangers          2:0 (1st leg)
1960-61Fiorentina         Rangers          2:1 (2nd leg)