From the crazy skills of Brazilian magicians Ronaldinho and Neymar, to a former sausage-seasoner from Gateshead called Chrissy Waddle who could play a bit, here are some clips of our favourite footballers.

There's also a few bits from some other footballing chaps you might have heard about before. Paradona and Mele, or something like that.

Anyway, enjoy...

Video Clips of the World's Best Footballers

No. 1 Pele

Despite the fact that he actually misses, this is still one of our favourite clips from Pele, with his fantastic dummy against Uruguay in the 1970 World Cup. 1970 - Brazil v Uruguay - World Cup.

No. 2 Diego Maradona

10 great goals from Argentinian legend Diego Maradona...

No. 3 Ronaldinho

Crazy skills from Ronaldinho. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

No. 4 Chris Waddle

Classic clips of one of England's most skillful footballers, including some mesmerising stuff from his days at Marseille, and showing Ryan Giggs who was the boss when Sheffield Wednesday played Man Utd.

No. 5 Eder

Fantasy football from Brazil, finished off with an unbelievable effort from Eder. 1982 - Brazil v USSR - World Cup.

No. 6 Neymar Jr

More outrageous flicks and tricks than you could shake a stick at...