Back in the 1970's and 80's, and even the majority of the 1990's, football in the media meant grabbing a newspaper in the morning to read the reports of the previous day's matches, finding out the latest transfer gossip and seeing what capers Nick Jarvis was getting up to at Thamesford in Striker.

Hours were spent watching pages tick over on Ceefax and Teletext for football results or snippets of the latest news.

And to round it all off, at the end of the week you could get a fix of action watching the likes of Match of the Day, Star Soccer, the Big Match, Football Focus or Saint and Greavsie.

God forbid if you wanted to find out what was happening in the mysteriously glamorous European leagues or the rest of the footballing world - you'd have to wait each month and head off to a decent-sized newsagent to buy a copy of World Soccer. If you were really lucky then there might be the occasional European match on and you could sit by the radio and attempt to listen to a football special on a crackling BBC Radio 2. Great theme tune, shame about the interference.

But that was then...

Now, there's a veritable feast of football available through every media outlet, from video clips on the internet, fantastic websites with access to every conceivable piece of football history, apps on your mobiles, even dedicated football TV shows running 24 hours a day with all of the latest news.

It's come a long way in the last few years, and there's a hell of a lot of it. So here's our guide to football in the media...

Football Media Categories


Links to all of our favourite football videos, from clips of the best players, classic matches, freestylers and trick shots.


Lists of the other football-related websites that the Goal Hanger looks at from time to time.

Band Names and Football

Music and rock bands named after football teams.