The Goalhanger has a look at which are the most successful footballing cities in the history of the Champions League / European Cup...

List of Cities with Two Clubs Reaching the Champions League Semi-Finals

No. 1 Madrid - Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid (1959)

No. 2 Milan - AC Milan (1956) and Inter Milan ()

No. 3 Belgrade - Red Star Belgrade (1957) and Partizan Belgrade (1966)

No. 4 Glasgow - Rangers (1960) and Celtic (1967)

No. 5 Budapest - Vasa (1958) and Ujpest (1974)

No. 6 Dundee - Dundee (1963) and Dundee Utd (1984)

No. 7 Bucharest - Dinamo Bucharest (1984) and Steau Bucharest (1986)

No. 8 Prague - Dukla Prague (1967) and Sparta Prague (1992)

No. 9 London - Spurs (1962) and Chelseas (2004)

No. 10 Manchester - Man Utd () and Man City (2016)

List of Cities with Three Clubs Reaching the Champions League Semi-Finals

Only one winner here....

No. 1 London - Spurs (1962), Chelseas (2004) and Arsenal

Arsenal joined the Chmapions League semi party back in 200, making London the only city to have had three teams reach the Champions League semi finals.

And, unless FC United of Manchester can continue their dramatic rise or two from Wolves, West Brom and Birminghma City have a spectacular injection of cash and manage to emulate Villa's terrific feat from the 1980's, then that's how it's going to stay for a long time...