As football's popularity started to rise again throughout the 1990's, it wasn't just the number of people going through the turnstiles that was increasing, the number of celebs that were jumping onto the football-bandwagon was going into overload !

In the good old days, the only football-following celebrity that you'd know about was the local-lad-made-good who you'd still occasionally spot at a match.

But nowadays every Tom, Dick and Prince Harry is nailing their colours to the mast of a club at every given opportunity. And yes, as the pun suggests, even the Royal family are in in the act - who'd have thought that the third in line to the throne would actively admit to being an Arsenal fan ? Or more bizarrely, that his brother would openly show support for Aston Villa ? (along with one of Hollywood's biggest stars - Tom Hanks, if you didn't already know).

Anyway, enough rambling. Let's see who all these famous fans and celebrities are, and which particular scarf they're likely to be sporting the next time you see them...

Arsenal Celebrity Fans

  • Queen Elizabeth II - Queen.
  • Queen Elizabeth aka The Queen Mother - Queen's mum.
  • Prince Harry - Rebellious royal son.
  • Jamie Bell - Billy Elliot actor.
  • Idris Elba - Actor of Luther fame.
  • Colin Firth - Actor famous for Mr. Darcy role.
  • Mark Strong - Terrific slap-headed actor, brilliant in everything from Kick-Ass to Grimsby.
  • Tom Watt - Lofty from Eastenders.
  • Roger Daltry - The Who.
  • Tony Hadley - Spandeau Ballet.
  • Jeremy Beadle - TV prankster.
  • Melvyn Bragg - The South Bank Show.
  • Dermot O'Leary - TV presenter.
  • Clive Anderson - Chrome-domed ex-barrister. TV presenter and funnyman.
  • Milton Jones - Surreal comedian. Fish.
  • Piers Morgan - Journalist.
  • Dara Ó Briain - Comedian.

Birmingham City Celebrity Fans

  • Jeff Lynn - ELO.
  • Mike Skinner - Rapper/Musician with The Streets.
  • David Harewood - Actor (most famous as David Estes in Homeland)

AFC Bournemouth Celebrity Fans

  • Stu Francis - Crackerjack presenter and "Ooh! I could crush a grape" fame.
  • Mel Bush - Pop promoter.

Burnley Celebrity Fans

  • Alastair Campbell - Tony Blair's former Director of Communications.
  • James Anderson - top cricketer.
  • Sam Aston - 'Corrie' actor.
  • John Kettley - is a weatherman.
  • Prince Charles - prince. Apparently he once mentioned that he was an avid fan of the Clarets.

Manchester City Celebrity Fans

  • Liam Gallagher - ex-Oasis front-man.
  • Noel Gallagher - ex-Oasis singer/songwriter.

Port Vale Celebrity Fans

  • Robbie Williams - Rather smug looking singer, previously of Take That fame.

Sheffield United Celebrity Fans

  • Sean Bean - Actor.
  • Joe Root England cricketer.
  • Joe Elliott - Def Leppard lead singer.

Sheffield Wednesday Celebrity Fans

  • Michael Vaughan - Former England cricket captain.
  • Alex Turner - Artic Monkeys lead singer.
  • Jermaine Jackson - brother of Michael.
  • David Garrido - Sky Sports presenter.
  • Roy Hattersley - Politician.
  • Richard McCourt (a.k.a. Dick from "Dick and Dom") - Kids TV Presenter.

West Bromwich Albion Celebrity Fans

  • Adrian Chiles - TV and Radio Presenter.
  • Frank Skinner - Comedian. TV Host.

FC Basel Celebrity Fans

  • Roger Federer - Tennis champ.