So far, the Champions League has been a series of surprises with Liverpool making a shocking win 4- 0 over Barcelona having lost 3 - 0 in the first leg at Camp Nou.

Fellow finalist Tottenham not only came back from a 0 - 1 defeat by Ajax, they also turned the semi-finals around and won 3 - 2 despite the odds being against them at the end of the first half with Ajax leading by 2 goals to none.

Now, both teams are heading to Madrid to slug out the UEFA Champions League finals, and the trophy will be arriving England, regardless of who wins.

The Champions League Trophy in England

This is not the first time the Champions League Trophy will be won by a Premier League Club. Chelsea won the Champions League in 2012 when they emerged victorious over Bayern Munich in the finals. This was a first for the Blues in terms of Champions League wins, but not the first time for the trophy to have a house in England.

June 1 is also not the first time two Premier League teams will be slugging it out in the Champions League finals, as Manchester United and Chelsea were the two teams to meet in the 2008 Champions League finals in Moscow. Manchester United has actually won the League three times, including 2008.

Whatever happens in Spain on the 1st of June, one thing we can be sure of is exciting football. Both sides are well known for implementing a combination of technical, tactical and entertainment football, and it is safe to say we cannot expect any less in such a high-profile meeting.

What should we expect?

The 2019 Champions League finals is one of the most difficult matches to predict, as both teams have a lot at stake, and have shown that they will not take a defeat lying down.

The edge belongs to Liverpool seeing as they have beat Tottenham twice in the Premier League, winning 2 - 1 on both occasions, first at Wembley Stadium in September 2018, and at Anfield in March this year.

While the coaches of both teams are known to employ similar tactics in their style of play, properly using their key players and preaching pressure on the field, it is important to point out that Liverpool trumped Barcelona 4 - 0 despite the absence of two of their key players. Mohamed Salah missed the vital match due to a concussion and fellow striker Roberto Firmino had to seat the game out due to a groin problem. However, both players will feature fully in the match against Tottenham in Madrid.

Punters thinking about backing either team are able to source some interesting odds, including on the top goal scorer. Odds at 33/1 for Salah to be the top scorer are worth a punt. You can find odds of 9/2 for Kane to score the first goal in the final and 4/1 on Salah. Lucas Moura, who scored that memorable hat-trick against Ajax is at 8-1.

These are some of the factors that point to a Liverpool dominated match in the Champions League Finals.

Betting odds for Liverpool vs Tottenham Champions League Finals

The Champions League is unarguably the biggest football tournament in the world, and one of the most watched sporting events. Betting in the Champions League is a huge part of the League with champions league free betting available on virtually all the games, including the Champions League Finals.

Pundits predict a fragile Tottenham defence against elite Liverpool, especially in view of the 2-1 wins against the Spurs in the Premier League. So, we are looking at a 27/10 odds in favour of the Reds to win and BTTS in the Champions League Finals.

With 2 -1 appearing to be the regular scoreline between the two clubs in recent history, bookmakers are giving 8/1 odds in favour of a repeat 2 -1 performance in favour of Liverpool.

But as it is wont to happen in football, the gods of soccer may have a different idea. We can only wait and see.