Every once in a while mother nature is kind enough to reveal some mind-boggling talent that sets the sporting world on fire and makes the rest of us look on in wonder. In the modern era of football we've been lucky enough for two rare gems to be unearthed, as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have battled it out for supremacy as the planet's best player.

As both players continue to threaten the goalscoring records the debate will undoubtedly continue to rage on amongst football fans around the globe about who is the top dog between the pair, although what's not in much doubt is that every right-minded supporter or coach would love either player in their team.

Whilst it could be argued that Ronaldo's power and all round attacking qualities might give him the edge, when it comes down to it surely nothing can compare with the elegance and sheer beauty of the magical Messi dribbling through the opposition in full flight.

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Lionel Messi Videos

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