Alternative name(s): Reverse Step Over (people who refer to scissors as step overs sometimes call this move the reverse stepover).

The Aim: As with the scissors move, this is supposed to trick your opponent into thinking you're going to go one way with the ball before you push off in the opposite direction.

The Basics: Slightly harder than the scissors move, your foot this time comes round the outside of the ball and into the body, before you push the ball off with the outside of the foot. As with the scissors, the ball isn't touched until the outside of the foot pushes it off.

Don't Forget: ...To have a go at combining it with a scissors to create the ultimate dummy.

Difficulty Rating: 3/5 (a bit harder than the scissors, but still very do-able with plenty of practice).

Watch this Video-clip to get a feel for how to do Step Overs...

Skills Video Guide - Step Over

Step-by-Step Guide on how to do Step Overs...

The following steps on how to perform a Step Over are for doing it with your right foot.

  • Plant your left foot near the back of the ball.
  • Swing your right foot around the ball, from the outside of your body towards the inside.
  • Transfer your weight onto your left side, to make your opponent think you're going that way.
  • Now, at the point when your right foot has come right around the ball, push off to the right hand side and take the ball that way with the outside of the right foot.
  • Remember to accelerate off as quickly as possibly, to make the most of your opponent being (hopefully) off balance.

Any Progressions ?

  • The other foot - once you've mastered the step over with your strongest foot, do the same with the weaker one.
  • Step Over and Scissors combination - combine a Step Over with a Scissors movement afterwards, if that doesn't knock your opponent off balance then nothing will.