The Russian midfielder Igor Netto was the first captain to lift the European Champion trophy back in 1960, and with such a good spread of countries having won the tournaments it's hardly a surprise to see that Iker Casillas of Spain is the only player to have lifted the trophy twice.

List of players who lifted the European Championship trophy

Tournament Winner Captain
2016 France Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo
2012 Poland/Ukraine Spain Iker Casillas
2008 Austria/Switzerland Spain Iker Casillas
2004 Portugal Greece Theodoros Zagorakis
2000 Belgium/Holland France Didier Deschamps
1996 England Germany Jürgen Klinsmann
1992 Sweden Denmark Lars Olsen
1988 West Germany Holland Ruud Gullit
1984 France France Michel Platini
1980 Italy West Germany Bernard Dietz
1976 Yugoslavia Czechoslovakia Anton Ondruš
1972 Belgium West Germany Franz Beckenbauer
1968 Italy Italy Giacinto Facchetti
1964 Spain Spain Ferran Olivella
1960 France USSR Igor Netto